Motive Unknown was retained by BMG in 2015 as they were setting up their new front line record label to advise on the creation of a new digital marketing department.

The remit was to create a digital team that would be forward-thinking, cutting-edge and highly effective whilst also being highly efficient.

BMG Office

In creating this team, BMG became one of the first labels in the UK to take all ad booking back in-house, allowing its digital department unprecedented direct insight as to the effectiveness of any campaign, as well as means to gauge audience response and therefore measure the general ‘temperature’ of any active campaign.

This approach also ensured that BMG was able to retain and own all data generated around its marketing efforts, building a significant data pool that the label can now leverage to any scale it sees fit, be that small spends on new bands to large global campaigns.

Throughout this process Motive Unknown has worked closely with the BMG team on the vision for the department and continues to work with the company in pushing a unique approach which delivers maximum results for BMG’s campaigns. BMG and Motive Unknown are equally proud of the benefits so far and enthusiastic about how we can continue to work together on future releases.